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PCSX 2 [эмулятор PS2]
Старый 12.09.2007, 14:25   #1
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По умолчанию PCSX 2 [эмулятор PS2]

Оф. сайт: http://www.pcsx2.net/

Для тех, кто не в курсе, PCSX 2 - самый успешный на сегодня эмулятор игровой консоли Playstation 2. На текущий момент публичная версия 0.9.3, но вот-вот из закромов выйдет 0.9.4 и будет что-то интересное :) В 0.9.3 я уже смог добиться производительности в 30-40 fps в FinalFantasy X и в 0.9.4, надеюсь, наконец смогу поиграть в нее :)

Вот последние новости в хронологическом порядке.

2 New Plugins for Download
[ Posted by refraction 04:55 on 23 07 07 ]

Okay, they arent new, they have been on NGemu a while, but they have been getting some good support from the community and i felt they needed adding to the official site!!

Due to the hard work of Rebel_X and ChickenLiver from the PCSX2 forums, we are proud to present LilyPad and TwinPad plugins, which both allow keyboard users to have full use of the analog sticks! Im sure you will enjoy them as much as the forum users have.

Head over to the Plugin Download section to get them now!
По-русски - наконец-то пользователи без джойстиков могут нормально играть используя клавиатуру :)

Dynasty Warriors and Fullmetal Alchemist videos on 0.9.4!
[ Posted by Bositman 02:46 on 12 08 07 ]

Since its summer time and nothing much goes on these days (yes the devs and testers also have lives!) I thought I'd entertain you with some videos I recorded, showing off some of the new fixes in 0.9.4.

First and foremost, you'll notice perfect sound in both Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends and Fullmetal Alchemist 2 videos! Also, Fullmetal Alchemist 2 did not even boot in 0.9.3 but with the SPU2 fixes in 0.9.4 the game looks playable and I've already reached Chapter 2 with no problems at all.Note that the videos were taken using Bilinear filtering and 4X AA and are sped up to 100% speed although they did run pretty near that thanks to the new ZeroGS!

About progress I'll just say there are some new plugins in development which have only seen null versions of until now, zeroGS 16:9 support and the new bios format getting implemented (still not complete)

All three videos were recorded using the XVID codec, so you'll need that to play them back.
Also you'll need a bittorent client such as uTorrent to download the videos!
В закрытой (пока) версии 0.9.4 играли в две игрушки и сняли с них видео. Что ж, очевидно, что производительность новой версии стала на порядок выше :) Ссылки на видео в конце сообщения.

0.9.2 VM Fix - Probably
[ Posted by refraction 11:40 on 24 08 07 ]

Since 0.9.2's release, many users, mainly those who live in Brazil, have had problems running the VM version of PCSX2. After trialing this fix on the forum for the past 6 or so months, I figured it was about time we put it on the site!

So if any of you guys have enabled the permissions, logged out, then back in to find it still doesn't work, this should be your salvation!

Users with Athlon XP processors or any chip without SSE2 support, this isn't your problem. VM requires SSE2 to function correctly which is why you are getting crashes.
Наконец-то пофиксили проблему, из-за которой эмулятор ругался на нашу ОЗУ, мол, отстойная она. Теперь все ОК :)

Drunk Together at Last!
[ Posted by CKemu 18:43 on 01 09 07 ]

GiGaHeRz did it!! *hic* *wobble*...erm, oh I'd best explain I suppose!

DEV9 is a section of the PS2 which handles a variety of things; HDD, USB and ethernet. GiGaHeRz has been working on one aspect of DEV9, ethernet!

PCSX2 now supports PS2 ethernet, so what does that mean? ONLINE PLAY BABY. On August 30th 2007 GiGaHeRz successfully logged on to the official Capcom Monster Hunter servers and entered a town, briefly after his success I to logged in and joined him!

Subsequently most of the betatesting and development team have logged onto Monster Hunter, interacted with people playing on their real PS2's and even gone questing with each other; including other Monster Hunter players.

This is a significant moment for PCSX2, as we are perhaps one of the first emulation projects to ever let the emulator user connect to a real live official server and play their game online. The only other project we are aware of; that has even come close to this feat would be nullDC (a Dreamcast emulator for Windows).

Testing is ongoing with a variety of online games, and the lack of USB keyboard and mouse support (hopefully to be resolved soon), means PAD typing messages is the only way to communicate online.

This advance towards emulating some of the more "unique" features of the PS2 has once again put into sharp focus the need for you to dump your own BIOS. The specifics I won't detail here, however those of you downloading your BIOS will suffer the consequences.

We shall let you know of further progress with any games we get to go online, but Monster Hunter is a fantastic example of how well PS2 emulation can work, average framerates of 50-70 FPS, with lows of 35 in intense moments. Monster Hunter is utterly stable, I myself have been playing it for some time only noticing minor visual issues on rare occasions.

So here for your pleasure is a video of us just saying hello, and 80 (both general and online) screenshots!...now if you don't mind, we've got alcohol to consume *hic*
Итак, поворотный момент в истории развития эмулятора. Теперь можно выходить в сеть и играть с другими игроками! Да-да, с теми самыми, которые лежат на диване с настоящими приставками :)

Видео о том, как тестеры подключились к онлайновой игре, зашли туда и тупо махали можете взять в конце поста :)

***** Some Testing
[ Posted by CKemu 03:21 on 04 09 07 ]

Work towards PCSX2 0.9.4 continues at a steady pace! GiGaHeRz has done significant work towards USB emulation, and we now have keyboard support!

When going online with PCSX2, or even a real PS2, chat and general team work requires you type to other players, thus GiGaHeRz was inspired to work on the USB side of PS2 emulation and bring us working keyboard support!

You don't even need a USB keyboard plugged into your PC, it can be any type of keyboard Of course this required us to test (play) even more Monster Hunter together...*ahem*

You may be wondering why the first word in the news post is just a bunch of stars? Well it seems Capcom like any sensible network game developer, censor certain words, however whilst 'testing' PCSX2 we soon found that the word after is censored in the game, whats even funnier, the word wanker isn't! (gasp, swearing on news page!)

Video and yet more shots of our exploits, the video certainly makes me chuckle :dgoistik:
Теперь эмулятор полностью поддерживает USB-клавиатуру! Чертовски удобно :) Видео о том, как бешеные ПЭВМщики добрались до бедных онлайновых консольщиков и начали их пиндить (Вася, привет! Жаль, это был не ты...), печатая при этом какую-то фигню с клавиатуры вы так же можете получить по ссылке в конце поста

PCSX2 team unstoppable!
[ Posted by Falcon4ever 22:50 on 05 09 07 ]

It seems like our developers are on steroids, there has been so many progress in the last few days (netplay and usb keyboard support).

Of course betatesters do not sit still either, since Monster Hunter is not the only game which supports online gaming. We have tried to find other games supporting netplay as well.
By comparing the list of netplay capable games (wiki!) with our PCSX2 compatibility list, we found that the game XIII would be a good candidate.
The game itself is fully playable at reasonable speeds in the single player mode.

Trying our luck with the same dev9 plugin (netplay) did not give us the results we hoped for. Authentication went smooth however account creation kept failing over and over again.

Fortunately gigaherz and drkIIRaziel worked together trying to solve this issue. After the plugin was rewritten they managed to fix the problem.

(hmm... that deathmatch versus drkIIRaziel went not the way as I hoped
Развитие эмулятора идет полным ходом и на этот раз решили его опробовать поиграв в сетевуху в игре XIII. Хотя сначала дело не заладилось, потом все же эмулятор настроили как надо и игра удалась. Результат - куча скриншотов, которые я качать не стал, уж больно много. Но факт - сетевая игра по эмулятору уже не фантастика.

На сегодня это все. Все дружно ждем официального выхода 0.9.4 и запасаемся игрушками с PS2, особенно поддерживающими сетевую игру!

Скачать видео

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