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doudoune moncler The boy is the continued delivery
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He sees his son to drink milk, Yu finally have a smile face at home m reporter Zhaobin She newborn infants less than 30 seconds Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Xijing Hospital, compared with the previous two days, the baby food increased significantly, the current back injury found no signs of infection yesterday disease small burn of the child Start blister scab 15:30 yesterday, the reporter re-enter the Xijing Hospital, Burn Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit, the baby's father, Yu-meter and nurses are home heating tank through the window of newborns to breastfeed her child. According to them, under normal circumstances, less than the burn patients eat, but yesterday afternoon from 6 am, the children drank milk three times, the first two more than the amount of 20 ml. The reporters found that, from the face, apart from some yellowing in some swelling of the face outside the little guy's color is not bad. According to nurses introduced the past two days in addition to eating and drinking Lazard child is sleeping. Dongmao Long,doudoune moncler, associate professor, deputy director of the department, said that a good appetite from the effects of the treatment, the child condition for the better. Meanwhile, there are no lung infection, trauma surface infection, the child's urine output remained at normal physiological levels. The. of Meanwhile, on the burn wound dressing changes every day, mainly the use of advanced anti-infective biological dressing. He said the next step should be the treatment of children, to wait at least 15 days, at this stage the hospital will basically maintain the current program, there will be no major changes. cause of the accident when a child fell into the brazier outside medical personnel in the delivery room newborn baby fall into the middle bed of the brazier, said the father was delivery of health care workers are not present, the doctor said it was holding the baby after birth due to the time missed, the fact is sawed in the end? Yesterday, reporters from the party's Shen Hanbin District, Ankang City, Nanba hospitals was informed that the father said as fact. Shen incident Hanbin District, Ankang City, and Nanba Hanyin county located in the junction, is located deep in the mountains, living conditions very difficult. Hanbin District, Ankang City, according to Shen Nanba clinics introduced on December 13, Yu family rice to accompany them to hospitals in labor-law came to be produced. Hospitals maternity ward is a suite,moncler, as expected after a medical examination admissions, maternal production until 11 pm that night. Therefore, before 11, health centers, a doctor and a midwife in the delivery room to prepare for work outside the mother's family members to stay outside the delivery room, delivery room in labor the metaphor is only one wife at home meters. 22:55, is outside the doctors and midwives prepare a sudden heard the suite Doctors rushed to hold up the child and rushed to the well-being of Central Hospital for treatment. Are limited due to a local hospital, the child has been transferred to Xi'an for treatment. It is understood the incident, although hospitals in the ward is equipped with a heating electric stove, but the mountain is not enough voltage, so the delivery room or low temperatures. For insulation, Yu brought home meters from the home of a brazier, on the middle bed next to the labor of the wife warm, but did not expect such a tragedy occurred. Ankang newspaper reporter Zhao Boping treatment measures two medical staff suspended yesterday's news from the Journal of the person in charge at Nanba hospitals that currently the hospital has order the suspension of doctors and midwives reflect Hanbin District Health Board also sent staff to investigate the incident, the next step will be responsible under the relevant provisions of the deal. The hospital said it would make every effort to meet the Xi'an hospital for treatment of infants, children strive for a speedy recovery. reporters in the maternity ward to see Shen Nanba hospitals,moncler femme, the wards without air conditioning, medical equipment is quite simple, although the bright and sunny outside, but people are feeling very cold in the room. It is understood that most of Ankang City, township health centers, winter heating facilities are quite lacking, usually electric stove, but if the room is too large, or voltage is not enough heating effect is very bad. Ankang newspaper reporter Zhao Boping the father I feel there is hope, good heart Shou Lexie from the child since birth, home meters Yu said that he basically have not had a wink on, every night, staring at the newborn warm box to appear on the child and heart rate data. no mouth to eat, and even pushed by hand. Medical records in hospitals such as the above, the doctor the child as mother of the child Zheng lotus child's mother. As has just given birth, the family worried that she can not stand the stimulus, is currently her home in the well-being Hanbin District of physical conditioning. At that time she did not know the brazier on the soles of the feet, the operating table, 1 meter high, did not see. children, In addition to the group of signed articles by staff reporter Chen Jingtao outside have written
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